Saturday, October 25, 2014

A little about my story..

I would like to take this time to welcome you to my web-site Every Witch Way Lane. A site that I developed four years ago in-order to showcase my original one of a kind Halloween Folk Art.  I started a Facebook group a few years back and membership has been growing and growing with all sorts of like minded people and artist. I also use this site to showcase some of the other artist in the group by introducing my audience to their wonderful imaginative original Halloween themed artwork! We like to sponsor a few
Featured artisans work every month on the fifteenth with uploads of their latest artwork.  Navigation of my website is pretty easy with the use of my link tabs under the banner at the top of the page. You can use the Galleries tab to visit all my presently available and past works. I create my artwork in five basic series.  Hallowee-N-Motion consist of all sorts of one of a kind bobble heads, wobbles, spinners, and pull toys and interactive art.

Haunting Tyme consist of my Halloween art that incorporates clocks and real functioning timepieces. Halloween -Shine-Tyme is a series where I showcase all my lighted Halloween art such as luminaries, lanterns, and candles. Sculptures and Dolls is my sries of GrimmSnicker and GrimmSnickle dolls and figurines. Finally there is my V.I.P. series which is filled with all sorts of my Vintage inspired original Halloween art. Please feel free to browse around for a while, visit all the pages and maybe even sign my guest book just to say Hi!
I've been here! For now lets just give you a little back ground on my love for Halloween. Halloween to me has always been an reason and extension of my creativity. I believe that the Holiday is celebration of art and creativity! It started as a very young child creating my costumes and creating costumes for my siblings. One thing always seemed to lead to another. Once you win first place in a costume contest you have been bitten by the bug, and all you can do is think and imagine bigger and better things! Imagination I believe, is one of Gods unique gifts to mankind as I am unaware of any other animals that have this unique ability to in-vision things in our minds.  Please feel free to view the slide show below of my once filled yard of handmade animated Halloween scenes.

As long as I can remember Halloween has been the most special of Holidays for me. I honestly believe that if it weren't for Halloween, I would not be the artist that I am today. Because for me, it is all about creativeness, nurturing and developing your talent. If it wasn't designing or creating a costume for one of my siblings, it may have

been creating decorations for the yard. I once lived in a house that had a huge walnut tree in the front yard, and just after moving there, around Halloween time, I made a couple of big green ghost out of plastic bags and plastic wrap. I hung one ghost on the end of a 15 foot pole, and the other ghost at the other end. Then I found the
balancing point in the middle. and using a cable, I hoisted the whole thing up to the first big bough of the tree. Basically, I created a huge ghost mobile, and it operated great! With a little breeze , the ghost would bob up and down and turn and dance around each other in the wind. With the plastic blowing and waving in the breeze simulated tattered wispy tails of a ghost rising up in the air! Then to top it all off, I added a flood light beneath them to light them up at night. Well the best part of this story  I had a little old lady that lived toward the back of my house and off to the side across the alley. I didn't know her, only that she hadn't been well, and didn't get out much, and had to have care come in to her home to help her manage. Well that first Halloween in my house, about two weeks after the Holiday, I received a letter in the mail, from a name I didn't recognize. I opened it up and continued to read that it was from the little old lady that lived behind me. She went onto say that she was so grateful that there were people like me in the world that would take out the time in their everyday toil, to do something so wonderful as to bring so much joy to another human being. She went onto say that it was just such a joy watching those ghost in that tree! That she was unable to sleep, and she would stand in her back laundry room through all hours of the night, just staring and gleefully watching my ghost float about in the wind. She said it was so entertaining that she found so much happiness in the simplicity of it. Well , the sad thing about that story is, I never actually got to thank her for her nice note, for she passed away the very next week, such a sad thing. I have always kept her letter because of what it represents for me, that Halloween is all about sharing and creativity, and not about evil and casting spells, and devil worship. I will always feel a bit of pride that I might have played some small part in making her final days something a little bit gleeful, and that maybe she found a few smiles cross her face. The end of this story was really only the beginning, it was for that one letter that I built more inventive displays and added more items to my yard every season for about 12 years.
Every year I would add a few more scenes to certain places in my yard. Many years ago and before the huge variety of Halloween yard decor that you find these days.Mine were straight out of my head, and made from what ever I could afford and get my hands on! I managed to animate many scenes with small motors and gadgets to make them move. I added all sorts of special lighting to bring everything to life after dark. It grew and grew every year to the point where I had yearly visits from bus tours. I had to fence off the yard and put up safety ropes to make pathways for visitors to follow all the way around the house.

 It was never meant to be a huge money maker, I just set out a free will offering box, and it was always nice to see how grateful and willing people were to pay. To the point where it was even televised and I roped off pathways for people to walk by and view all the action. It grew and grew til they traveled all the way around the yard. People would come from miles away with their children and comment about how neat they thought it was that I went to so much work for the kids, because it was just good ole traditional Halloween, and perfect for the kids. Nothing bloody, and no gore, like you find in the Haunted Houses. All Good things must come to an end, for the day came that I had to move, and was no longer able to keep the display. Of course, I will always have the memories. I discovered other means of creativity, and have been nurturing my abilities in different mediums every since...I hope you enjoy looking at the many different creations I have made to help celebrate my Favorite Holiday!

Happy Halloween To You All!